Vacuum Type Screwdrivers

- Vacuum screwdriver was taking the serious of SKD-V2000LC as reference and being created by adding the vacuum head. The main purpose is suckying the non-magnetic screws, such as plastic screws / aluminum-made screws / stainless stell screws and any other screws that does not contain magnetic.

- Any type and specification of screws can be sucked but only beed to replace the head to KS-2.

- The volume of vacuum screwdriver pump is small; it is suitable to all kinds of vacuum screwdrivers.

- The suction of vacuum pump is powerful; if the screws tray is using together, It will be more convenient and easy. The screws can be placed at the tray first and then using the vacuum screwdriver to suck the screws.


Model SKD-V2000LC SKD-V2200LC SKD-V2300LC
Input Volatge DC 24V or DC 32V
Power Consumption 25W
Torque ( 0.3~3.5 0.5~7 1~10
( 0.26~3.08 0.44~6.16 0.88~8.8
(N.m) 0.03~0.34 0.05~0.69 0.1~0.98
Repeatable Torque Accuracy (%) 3.00%
Torque Adjustment stepless
Free Speed (r.p.m) Hi 1000 1000 670
Lo 700 700 470
Screw Size Dia (mm) Machine Screw 1.0~2.3 1.4~2.6 1.6~3.0
Tapping Screw 1.0~2.0 1.4~2.3 1.6~2.6
Weight (g) 419
Length (mm) 265
ESD (Anti-Static) V
Power Controller SKP-32HL/32VR-60W
Bit Type

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