Low torque, SKD200 series

Brushless Low Torque Electric Screwdrivers
MODEL: SKD-203L / SKD-203LS5 / SKD-203LS6 / SKD-203LS7 / SKD-207L / SKD-210L

High-Functional brushless motor adopted, high performance and strong durability. Maintenance almost become needless.
Smaller size, light weight, low noise, fashionable design, high stability and easy to operate.
Non Carbon-Brush Motor results in more stable output of torque; it is best suitable operated in clean-room circumstance and no worry of pollution will be arisen.
Minimum torque, 0.2Kgf.cm is best applied to use from Watch, Laptop, Digital Camera, DVD Player, Cell Phone, Communication Equipment to High Tech Products which need to be assembled in clean-room.
The screwdrivers have two speeds, the selection can be changed to HI or LO (except hi speed model). Stable R.P.M.
- SKD-200 series meet RoHS, CE approval and ESD offered on the basis of customer's need.

External dimensions:


Model SKD-B203L SKD-B203LS5 SKD-B203LS6 SKD-B203LS7 SKD-B207L SKD-B210L
Input Voltage DC 24V or 32V
Power Consumption 25W
Torque (kgf.cm) 0.2~3.5 0.5~7 1~10
(Lbf.in) 0.17~3.05 0.44~6.16 0.87~8.7
(N.m) 0.02~0.34 0.05~0.69 0.10~0.98
Repeatable Torque Accuracy (%) 3.00%
Torque Adjustment Stepless
Free Speed (r.p.m) Hi 1000 500 370 230 1000
Lo 700 350 260 160 700
Screw Size Dia (mm) Machine
1.0~2.3 1.4~2.6 1.6~3.0
1.0~2.0 1.4~2.3 1.6~2.6
Weight (g) 385
Length (mm) 185
ESD (Anti-Static) V
Torque Fixing Ring KC-13C
Suspension Rack KH-5
Power Controller SKP-32B-60W
Bit Type

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