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The standardized VDA-KLT container series are specially tailored to the logistics processes in the automotive industry.
As a certified manufacturer, bekuplast offers the container series VDA-R-KLT and VDA-RL-KLT in accordance with the official VDA recommendations 4500 and 4504.
RL-KLT containers feature a smooth base with holes to drain off any water that accumulates.
The VDA-R-KLT series has a composite bottom with stacking feet and a stacking groove.

VDA-SLC – The Standard for the Automotive Industry
A VDA-SLC is a standardized box made of plastic used by automobile manufacturers and parts suppliers. These standardized SLC (small load carrier) have been specially developed to meet the requirements of the automotive industry and optimize the logistics chain between manufacturers and suppliers. The VDA-SLC must therefore meet high quality requirements and the standard set by the VDA, the German automobile industry association. Although the small load carriers are primarily used in the automotive industry, they are now also used in many other industrial sectors.

Automobile manufacturers and OEM suppliers use SLC to store and transport small parts. The boxes in our SLC series come in these basic sizes: 300 x 200 mm, 400 x 300 mm, and 600 x 400 mm. They come with standardised basic dimensions so that they can be readily stacked on Euro pallets (1200 x 800 mm) and industrial pallets (1200 x 1000 mm). The small load carriers have been specially developed for automated production processes. They are designed for high loads and for use with systems that pull or grab. All of our VDA-SLC feature ergonomic handles and integrated label holders.

Loose lids for containers and pallets are also available for the VDA-R-KLT and VDA-RL-KLT series. All VDA-R and RL-KLT containers, lids, pallets, and pallet lids are also available with electrostatic discharge (ESD) materials.

VDA-KLT– Recycling with Guaranteed Quality!
bekuplast makes it easy to switch from Euro (KLT) containers in the VDA-C-KLT series to either the VDA-R or RL-KLT series. Recycling to earn extra cash flow and to help protect our environment!

In compliance with VDA Recommendation 4500 which requires a closed material cycle when recycling old C-KLT containers, bekuplast offers a process certified by the SKZ Würzburg:VDA-C-KLT containers are recycled and returned to active logistics use as VDA-R or VDA-RL-KLT containers.

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