The STAUFF PPC series of Hydraulic Tester are state-of-the-art instruments designed to diagnose certain variables in today’s hydraulic and pneumatic systems like pressure, differential pressure, temperature, flow and hydraulic power. Depending on the type chosen, the STAUFF PPCs can analyze, store and process all data in a PC or notebook. The Hydraulic Testers are specially designed for today’s increasing demands of system monitoring, trouble-shooting and determination of important values.

Area of Applications
•Industrial Hydraulics
•Mobile and Agriculture Hydraulics
•Marine and Offshore Hydraulics
•Chemical and Petrochemical Industry
•Energy and Air-condition Industry
•Sanitary Industry

•Pressure Sensors
•Temperature Sensors
•Rotation Speed Sensors
•Flow Turbines
•Flow Meter

The PPC-04 /2 is a very easy to handle mobile measuring device controlled by only 8 buttons and allows the connection of up to two sensors. The measured data is displayed on the double spaced screen as numeric values.

The larger PPC-06/08-plus and PPC-12 Hydraulic Testers are available as three, four or six channel models having an internal data storage capability of up to 250,000 data points. The unit displays measurements not only as numeric values but also in graphic form.

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