LBBU doble design

Standard materials: Thermoplastic Elastomer (87 Shore-A)
Colour: Black
Material code: SA
Alternative materials are available upon request.

Product Features
ƒ - Compact and light-weight design for applications in which space is limited
ƒ - Available in 3 different sizes and covering all standard metric and imperial diameters between 4 mm and 32 mm
ƒ - Vibration-damping and noise-reducing clamp body material with UV, ozone and weathering-resistant characteristics
ƒ - Advanced design with a fi lm hinge allows the top part of the Plastic clamp body to open up and insert or replace the pipe, tube or hose without the use of force
ƒ - Embedded metal sleeve to ensure stability of the clamp assembly

Please also ask for the Anti-Twist Feature to prevent turning of the components. Consult ANDON for further information.

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