XL-APKT Throats with 250mm. 15KN

Precision ram adjustment (DP)
Using the fine adjustment, the bottom dead centre (BDC) of the press can be precisely set directly on the ram. The precision ram adjustment is used where highest precision of the insertion depth is required. Ideal for prototype production and series production when delicate, minute setting within the tolerance range is required.
Return travel lock (HS)
With the return travel lock partial strokes – and hence incomplete work operations – are ruled out. Forming, jointing or connecting operations are carried out safely and completely at all times. On the down stroke, the return stroke of the press is blocked. The locking device is not released and the lever is not reset until after completion of the stroke. A release mechanism permits removal of jammed components..
Table bore (TB)
Tool undersides can be seated in the table bore and secured using a transverse screw. The table bore permits rapid tool-changing and greatly reduces setting-up times.
Stroke counter (Z)
with the five-digit stroke counter, the number of items produced can be checked rapidly.

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