Toggle Presses Round Ram

Pneumatic toggle presses with round ram
The optimum transmission ratios of the toggle press produce high force at the end of the stroke, ensuring low air consumption. Thanks to the resultant low energy consumption, mäder pneumatic toggle presses are an economical means of production not only at the time of purchase, but also in the long term.
All pneumatic toggle presses can be supplied with mäder standard controls or with controls made to customers´ specification.
These models are available with a force of 5kN, 10 kN, 24kN, 32kN and 60kN.

Precision ram adjustment (DP) (not available with all models)
Using the fine adjustment, the bottom dead centre (BDC) of the press can be precisely set directly on the ram. The precision ram adjustment is used where highest precision of the insertion depth is required. Ideal for prototype production and series production when delicate, minute setting within the tolerance range is required.

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