Dust Control Matting

Professional Dust Control Matting products are designed to:
• Remove dirt and moisture from shoes.
• Prevent debris from travelling within facilities.
• Make entranceways look clean and tidy.
• Reduce slip hazards.

Up to 80% of interior soil is brought into facilities from foot traffic.
The utilization of matting ensures that the majority of dirt will be stopped at the entrance. This reduces floor care maintenance and the need for cleaning chemicals significantly.

The 4 1/2 meters rule
A simple rule-of-thumb for effective matting applications...
• 4 1/2 meters of matting allows each foot to make contact with matting at least 3 times.
• 4 1/2 meters of matting is required to remove the majority of dirt and moisture from foot traffic.
• 4 1/2 meters can be divided in 3 mats, each with a minimum length of 1 1/2 meters.
Zone 1 catches the first wave of heavy debris.
Up to 40% of dirt/moisture is removed from shoes in the first 1 1/2 meters.
Zone 2 scrapes fine debris and absorbs moisture in the indoor foyer area for up to 70% in the first 3 meters.
Zone 3 completes the drying process. Virtually all dirt and moisture is removed from shoes after 4 1/2 meters.

Use in- and outdoor dust control matting in combination with the 4 1/2 meter rule in order to achieve a fully functional system.

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