Table & Floor Runners

In many facilities, people are one of the prime generators of static electricity. The simple act of walking around or even sitting on certain types of stools can generate several thousand volts on the human body. If not properly controlled, this static charge can easily discharge into static sensitive devices, potentially creating damage to equipment.
These Electro Static Discharge (ESD) protective mats are formulated to drain static electricity from workers thereby avoiding unpleasant static shock while safeguarding equipment.

A primary means of protecting of ESD susceptible items is to provide a ground path to bring ESD protective materials and personnel to the same electrical potential.
Static protective work areas with a resistance to ground of 106 to 109 provide a surface that is at the same electrical potential as other ESD protective items in the work area.
To achieve an ESD protective work area while complying with Standard IEC61340-5-1 or ANSI EOS/ ESD 6.1, all conductors in the environment, including personnel, must be grounded to the same electrical ground point, creating a balance between all items and personnel.
Use ESD protective mats in conjunction with ESD accessories to provide a ground path for the dissipation of electrostatic charge, thus reducing the charge accumulation on personnel to safe levels.

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