Steel & stainless steel

RK Rose+Krieger has complemented it's clamp product range with two material-specific items at the same time.
The standard flange (FK), angle-(W), base-(FS) and cross-(K) clamps in sizes 12-18mm are immediately available in galvanized or stainless steel. Both the 8.8 steel countersunk screws which are flush to the outline and the stainless steel screws have a hexagonal socket head. Stainless steel clamps are particularly important for users working in the fields of chemical and food processing technology as well as for outdoor appliances and equipment bearing thermal loads. Thanks to their resistance to aggressive cleaning and disinfecting agents, stainless steel clamps can also be used for medical technology. Like the plastic versions RKLight Clamps and the aluminum clamps, theses clamping elements-manufactured according to the investment casting process present the new RK design. Moreover, the compatibility of their assembly dimensions with those of the other versions, enables the combination of different series of clamps. The clamping force attained by the steel clamps is comparable to that of the aluminum series.

• diameter sizes Ø12, 14, 16, 18
• attractive design like the aluminum and plastic versions
• compatible with our profile assembly system

Steel Version: • material 1.5026 (high grade spring steel)
• galvanized steel
• bearing high dynamic loads
• high moment capacity under static loads
• highly temperature resistant
• magnetic

Stainless Steel Version:
• material 1.4301
• blasted surface
• corrosion-resistant/rustproof
• can be used even with aggressive lye


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